I have taught in both professional and undergraduate settings across a range of disciplines such as sociology, women’s studies, medicine, history, and cultural studies in the U.S. and China.

My academic teaching, like my research, is characterized by transnational and interdisciplinary perspectives. I am keen to teach transnational social movements, authoritarian state politics, international community development, nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship, global health governance, health inequality, transnational feminisms, gender and global sex. I am love teaching method courses and practicums.

Meanwhile, I have involved in transnational capacity building activities for community foundations and grassroots organizations, from running management training workshops to providing consultancy support to Chinese NGOs. A major part of my work concentrates on building connections and promoting collaborations between international organizations, governmental organizations, foundations, and NGOs across borders.

Details of past courses and training sections I have taught and new courses I am designing are available upon request.